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Revolutionize Your Recruitment with Betuned!

Betuned is a cutting-egde recruitment solution.

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To recruit the right people, you need to show who you are and tell a story. Revealing your corporate culture in an authentic and attractive way.

We can help you define your strategy and implement your employer brand.

Betuned Studio is a digital marketing and communications agency with expertise in HR.

We'll turn your job postings into hyper-viral video capsules. We'll also do your employer branding videos, podcasts, newsletters, manage your social networks and digitalise your onboarding.

Your future candidates want to know who you are. We create the career site that reveals your employer brand, with content and experience designed for your talents. A site that's always up to date and shows who you are as a company. But above all, a site that converts in just one click!

Our application tracking system has been developed to make your processes as simple and efficient as possible. Select the best profiles, automate your repetitive tasks and build up a pool of candidates, all in a collaborative way. This saves you precious time.

95% of candidates research a company before applying. 67% aren't happy with what they find.

What about you, what do your candidates say?

AmΓ©lie Alleman

Founder at Betuned

We build the career site that puts your employer brand in the spotlight

βœ“ Landing pages tailored to the profiles you're recruiting: both in terms of content, design, and user journey

βœ“ The creation of your text, photo and video content

βœ“ A talent acquisition and conversion strategy

βœ“ A subscription for always up-to-date content that captures the inside story of your company

βœ“ An ultra-simple and quick process. We take care of everything (or almost everything)

We make tailor-made content to attract the talents you're searching for

We bring your employer brand to life through engaging texts, images, podcasts, videos.

We target talents on the right channels, with the right messages.

We find candidates where they are on the web and lead them to your career site. Because you don't recruit a Data Manager on TikTok or an Electrician on LinkedIn!

Enjoy an easy-to-use and effective application tracking system

βœ“ Optimal management of each stage of recruitment

βœ“ Automation of repetitive tasks

βœ“ A clean database, with a smart search tool

Because recruitment is ultimately a human matter, let's discuss your projects!

AmΓ©lie Alleman

Founder of Betuned

[email protected]

+32 474 54 89 89